Sign of the End.

“If Microsoft were to make its own Windows Phone device without working through partners, it would be a last resort strategy. That would risk driving its current partners away.” Keep this quote handy so you know when the end is near. In case of dying platform, break glass.

The Right Move

“Releasing the operating system before it’s fully baked is the right move, and Microsoft can make improvements after it ships, Otellini told staffers.” How does this even come close to the right move? What is Microsoft losing out on by shipping an OS with Vista like bugs, ticks, annoyances and software incompatibilities? Windows isn’t going […]

More Mapping

As if the tech reviews were not amusing enough. This is probably one of those things Apple will want everyone to give them a mulligan on until the app+data is up to their standards. By then, all the other data might be outdated as well. Unfortunately, maps are so crucial to everyday life. How did […]

About Those Maps

Raymond Wong on the new Apple Maps app: “fewer locations listed, the lack of transit times, the inaccuracies for certain directions it gave me or the matter of the search being extremely limited” Still the best maps ever though, right?

iPhone 4 Appearances

Today, Apple announced the iPhone 4s. Immediately upon the announcement; AAPL stock took a dive . I don’t think anyone out there really thinks Apple isn’t going to sell millions of these devices; yet ‘experts’ were ‘underwhelmed’. List of new features included with the iPhone 4s: Improved the best-in-class camera Updated A5 – dual core […]