We choose to build this Lego set in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard

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@bluebrymfn got L a proper Mrs. Roper dress. #comeonknockunicorn

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Rainy Day Babies Number 3.5 and 1

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“bask in the luminesce of my omnificence, human. but hurry, I’ve got butt licking and hair eating at 3:00 sharp.”

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A Very Daniel Tiger Birthday

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first handmade hannukiah. not bad.

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L’s working on a new Googie inspired hairstyle.

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all the turkeys

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Fun with our new triangular crystal tube of science

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He looks like he’s getting a mission report.

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Sickypants ☹️

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Went to mini golf with Spider-Man today. He totally cheats, bee tee dubs.

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hashtag accidental Wes Anderson

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